Africa has always held a certain fascination for me. From my first step on Kenyan soil more than thirty years ago, I knew I would experience a life-long love affair with the continent. Over the years, I discovered a world of wonder spending about five years in East Africa. Then with a 16 year hiatus I returned to Africa but this time to South Africa. The bug was back and last year I spent almost 3 months travelling from Nairobi to Cape Town, including Uganda and Congo. I bought as much African art, jewelry and beads that I could carry and so begins this segment of my life.

I have spent the last twenty years in some aspect of Customer Service from Representative to Senior Manager. Due to the downsizng and merger trend so prevalent these days I find myself finally able to work for myself doing what I love. It's all about creativity--creating jewelry designs, traveling to Africa and helping those artists spread their creativity. Each sculpture fills me with awe-how these artists can convert a piece of wood or stone into such a thing of beauty. If I had the means, I would never sell any of the African pieces but... live I must!

New items (Shona stone carvings, batiks, textiles and baskets) from Zimbabwe have arrived and I am diligently unpacking, cataloging and photographing each one to post on the website. With close to 400 items, it will take some time to post everything so check back every month for something new.

I recently opened a store on ebay. Click here to enter the store and have a look around.


Linda at the Otjitotongwe Cheetah Park in Namibia, southern Africa.
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