Shona Artists from Zimbabwe

Farai Darare



Born on March 16th 1980, Farai Darare was brought up in Murewa, Zimbabwe. Farai started carving when he was seven years old and was inspired to become an artist by his very famous father, Casper Darare. His father wanted his son to go to college and university but Farai said once sculpting is in you, you can never get it out.

Once Farai had finished school in 1996 he started to sell his pieces full time. He took pieces to South Africa to sell and eventually stayed and worked with his father there for four years until his father tragically passed away. At first he started out with creative abstracts but soon he was making stone head sor busts especially in African Stone (Wonder Stone). "I think and feel that I have my fathers touch. My strength lies in my amazing ability to create the exact work my father used to carve. After his father's death, Farai returned to Zimbabwe.

Women are the source of Farai's inspiration. He loves to sculpt them, to make them even more beautiful than they are. He feels that women are not respected or appreciated enough and he wants to let the world know how important they are. "They are our mothers, sisters or daughters; they look after us and care so much about us. They are soft and warm and loving."

Proud Woman by Farai Darare


Fungai Gwena

Born on July 11, 1973, Fungai Gwena grew up in Mutare, Zimbabwe. Although he excelled in arts and crafts, his family offered no encouragement so he became a waiter at the Meikles hotel. Guests at the hotel would often buy art and sculptures which made Fungai wish even more that he had pursued his dream.

In 1999 he met Farai Darare; he admired his art and decided to give sculptures a try. Farai taught Fungai to sculpt stone carvings; he felt that Fungai had the potential and talent to become a great artist. He bought Fungai stones and worked with him and is so proud as Fungai has become an excellent artist. He is widely talented in the art of sculptures and although his favorite subject is abstract art, he creates a wide variety of sculptures. His most commonly used stone is serpentine.

Mother and Child by Fungai Gwena

  Champion Muzamba


Champion Muzamba was born in the Binga district of Zimbabwe. His first introduction of art came during his primary education at Kariangwe mission school. He was very interested in art and was carving different sculptures of wood and clay. A major artist who used to supply Matombo Gallery where he works inspired Champion's interest in stone carving. He started working for Matombo Gallery in 1990 as a general worker packing and crating boxes. He then started his carving in 1992. He learned techniques of carving stone, and became familiar with carving tools. In recent years Champion has shown increasing evidence that he has a creative vision of an artist and his more recent sculptures indicate the talent of a young artist who is increasingly confident of his own creative ability and his technical mastery of his chosen medium. He supplies his work to Shona Gallery in the USA and other different individual buyers locally and internationally. Champion's art is pure Shona art and he mostly sculpts human and animal forms referring to Shona society; culture and beliefs are also a common source of inspiration.

Africa Woman by Champion Muzamba

Perkins Chikumbirike

Perkins Chikumbirike was born on March 26, 1981 in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. At an early age Perkins grew up with the love of art in mind as he comes from a family of prominent artists of Zimbabwe. As he grew up he observed and with strong advice from his father he was now a young artist with interesting promises and ideas. Perkins works in a mixed media and has a strong knowledge of stone colours. He works with different stone types such as verdite, springstone, opalstone, cobalt and a wide range of serpentine. His sculptures bear wonderful and extraordinary shapes. Perkin's creations portray inspirational, social and historical messages. Along the way most of his works have spread to the continents of North America, Australia and Europe. In his spare time he socializes with his friends and is willing to reach more friends all over the world as far as art is concerned.

Pride Chikumbirike

Pride Chikumbirike was born on October 3, 1978 in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. While growing up Pride always wanted to be in the workshop with his father Aaron Chikumbirike. His love of art started growing and his first works were done at the age of nine. Most of Pride's works are mixed media, a mixture of different types of stones. His works have spread to the United States, Australia and in almost all European countries.



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