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Gallery Shona Serpentine "Resting Man" Sculpture

Gallery Shona Serpentine "Resting Man" Sculpture



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Shona Serpentine "Resting Man" Sculpture

This unique sculpture is hand carved from a single piece of serpentine by master Shona artist, Lameck Chiuya.

This interesting sculpture entitled "Resting Man" is an abstract creation of a man with closed eyes in a meditative state.

Many artists are comfortable using the same media for all their sculptures and are known for creating similar subjects. This is one of three in the series of the Resting Man all done in serpentine by Lameck Chiuya.

A beautiful piece of serpentine stone was used to create this sculpture richly colored in shades of green with black mottling and orange-brown and bluish-gray veins and is polished to a glossy shine.

This piece is from Zimbabwe however is not signed by the artist.

Dimensions: 9" x 4.75" x 1.75"

Weight: 2.8 lbs

Price: $65.00

Shipping: $9.50 in the U.S.

For Canada and international rates please Email me.